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Willow at Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts

Willow (center right) with family

About Willow Zheng

Willow Zheng (Zheng Wei Lu) was born in Shandong Province, China. She attended the Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts in Xi'an, China, where she was a member of the second graduating class after this school re-opened at the end of the Cultural Revolution, obtaining BFA and MFA degrees.

At Xi'an Academy Willow studied traditional Chinese painting with a focus on figure and flower painting, and western drawing and oil painting.

After moving to the United States in 1988, Willow continued her art profession, incorporating Western-style drawing and oil painting, a unique contemporary style.

In 1999 Willow started teaching Mandarin classes at Portland's Northwest China Council and the Berlitz Language Center, where she received training and experience in teaching languages. Presently Willow teaches Mandarin and Chinese Culture at Washington State University, Vancouver, while continuing to teach Mandarin evenings at Portland's Northwest China Council. Willow also teaches Mandarin at The Northwest Academy in downtown Portland, and regularly does translation / interpreter work for Portland-area businesses.

Today Willow lives in Portland, Oregon, and divides her time between teaching, art, staying in touch with her daughter in Texas, and spending summers with her father in China. She has won several best-of-show awards and regularly exhibits her paintings. Her paintings are owned by private collectors, art galleries, including the University of Michigan Museum of Art, and the City of Portland.

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